To sing, or not to sing.

I have never been a very good singer, so everyone says. I have always been called ‘tone-deaf’ and that I have ‘no rhythm’. Watching old videos of me and listening to recordings confirmed everyone’s statements but I am beginning to think that my lack of voice and rhythm stemmed from my lack of confidence, not my lack of talent. These statements from friends and family, while not meant to hurtful, did affect my self esteem and caused me to stifle my voice for many years.

I began to notice a change in my voice about two months ago in a yoga class when singing the mantra ‘Aum’ or ‘Om’. All of a sudden my voice didn’t sound like mine anymore, it blended with the teacher’s tone and became one instead of separate. I was harmonizing with her! And the vibration in this harmony was incredible. Ever since this beautiful moment I have felt a shift, a spark of confidence in the beauty of my voice. I am now singing Aum louder in classes, no longer fearful that others will grimace at my lack of tone. I am even playing with my voice, singing while walking down the street or cleaning the house, enjoying the sounds I am capable of creating. It’s amazing was a little self-love can do to add fulfillment to your day. I now firmly believe that I am not too old or untalented to learn to sing. I know I have a beautiful voice inside of me, it was just smothered by my self-doubt and fear. Do you have a voice you have yet to discover? Or have you always doubted your creativity to paint or draw? Or your ability to be athletic? There is nothing that you cannot become, you just need to believe in yourself and practice, practice, practice. Remove the fear, unveil the beauty.

Be true to you. Namaste my friends.

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