No apologies!

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I am unapologetically corny.

I smile because birds are chirping and the sky is blue. I believe that everything happens for a reason. I’m a yoga teacher and I wear yoga pants every single day. I cry when I hear romantic stories and see cute baby animals videos. I love love, like a lot.

I am unapologetically awkward.

I want to have amazing conversations with everyone, to hear their stories and to laugh with them. Unfortunately not everyone is ready to open up and I end up awkwardly standing there because I do not know how to “small-talk”. I don’t like small-talk because it’s empty, boring and ultimately yields no progress to a developing friendship. So next time instead of answering “good” to “how are you,” how about we offer a reason why we are having a good day, or even better, a GREAT day! Let’s start a conversation.

I am unapologetically me.

I love to make the most out of each day by smiling and laughing and exploring the world as much as possible. I cuddle because I like to be close to people. I love cereal + berries more than any other food and often have a bowl (or two) for dinner. I am emotional and wear my heart on my sleeve because I believe we should all show our emotions a little more. I believe walls not only keep the bad out but also the good, so walls should be removed no matter how vulnerable it makes us. I’ve learned that not everyone will align with me and that is ok, but those who do will be my biggest fans and  greatest friendships. Quality is always better than quantity.

For all this, I am not sorry. I will never apologize for being me and I hope you never apologize for being you. 

Photo and clothing by Karma Collective:

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