How to create the life you need…

…not exactly the life you want.


This was a hard statement for me to understand because sometimes there doesn’t feel like a difference between needs and wants when it comes to our dreams/goals. I began to realize the difference when I was in Australia and had just arrived, wanting to teach yoga as well as explore this awesome country for the first time. I was there for a few months and knew that I needed some income to support the travelling that I desired to do, and I also knew my soul needed a yoga community to connect with. These were my two “needs” but immediately I found my “want” getting in the way.

I began to research the yoga studios in Melbourne and instantly found the “popular” ones that attracted the “best” teachers, the “best” students, and had the most beautiful trendy studio you could imagine. As most people must feel, I immediately wanted to be part of the hype of this cool studio and crowd! My ambitious personality got the best of me and I narrowed in on this studio so much that I didn’t take the cues that they did not need a teacher like me. I kept practicing there every day for two weeks basically stalking the manager and people who seemed like they were in charge to try to talk about creating an opportunity for me to teach at their studio, but I was only met with resistance and wishy/washy answers. After two and a half weeks of zero progress I finally had a light-bulb moment and clued in that this was not the studio for me. I wanted it, but I didn’t need it.

I now realize that a “want” is an ego based fixation that narrows our mind and blurs our vision so we do not notice the opportunities and positive paths that our needs naturally manifest.

So I took a deep breath and turned my yogi toes in the direction of other studios in the area and immediately was met with welcoming hugs, positive conversations and uplifting support at not one, but three studios! These became the studios I ended up working at for the rest of my time in Melbourne and am still so grateful for these kind people and beautiful communities I got to know.

It’s amazing to look back on my beginning to Australia because what I needed was right in front of me if I let go of my ego. I began by trying to force something that was not meant to be. When I let go of that resistant path, I found exactly where I was meant to be.

Now here is the fine line of creating a life full to the brim with your dreams/goals: don’t just sit there waiting for life to present you with what you need to be fulfilled, put yourself out there and go seek what spurs your fire. But once you have let the world know what you desire and what you are available for, then sit back and let things happen as they should. Sometimes when you put yourself out there you will be met with such impressive resistance it is obvious this is a want and not what you actually need, or not what you need right now. Sometimes you’ll be met with an alternative suggestion/opportunity you didn’t expect or realize you wanted, and suddenly you now know you need it. Sometimes what you chase is exactly what you need to fulfil you and with enough positive intention setting and go-getting actions, you will manifest exactly what you need in this life.

Ultimately understand that our needs change constantly and that timing is often the biggest factor to fulfilment, so keep working hard for what truly makes you happy and one day you will realize you have everything that you need.

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