A Letter to my 10 Year Old Self.


You were right. You were right all along.

I deviated away from the creative, self connected path you had manifested in our childhood to a destructive/self criticizing teenager, and now I am back full circle. I focused too much on the outcomes of my goals and ambitions and less on what truly made me happy. I focused on what other people thought of me and not about what I thought of myself. I focused on pleasing the needs of others instead of pleasing my own needs.

You were carefree, inspired, unique and completely happy with who you were. I don’t know why I turned away from you. I don’t know why I called you weird. You were the most beautiful person and I love you.

I am now dedicated to re-connecting with your teachings. To go run in the forest and see the fairies you saw. To see a piece of raw material and create something beautiful from it. To speak my mind. To laugh as much as possible. To always be playful and positive. To eat when I’m hungry. To love unconditionally.

I hope you can forgive those few years of me ignoring you. I hope you understand I needed to go through some tougher times to realize how special you are! While negative outcomes and negative energy are not what I want in my life, I needed that darkness to see how powerful and stunning the light really is. We need the good and the bad to appreciate and be grateful. I needed you as well as that crazy teenager to be whole. To be this wonderful being that I am today.

Just know that you are amazing. That you will go through some dark days, but you will be ok. I believe in you and your wild spirit. Always believe in yourself and love yourself and you will be happy. I love you.

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