My Favourite Pregnancy Products


Since being pregnant for the first time, I have either switched many of my every day products to more natural alternatives or added products to aid in supporting my changing body. I did a ton of research on each product before purchasing, so I hope this helps others save some of that research time and helps your body too! Some of these products I’ll even continue to use after pregnancy because they’re healthy and make me feel so good. None of these are sponsored reviews, all are just things I love!

SafeRide4Kids Pregnancy Seatbelt Adjuster

While my baby bump did not really start pop until Week 22, I was consistently bloated and uncomfortable in my belly region from week 10 onwards. I right away noticed that driving with a seatbelt positioned pressing on my lower belly was uncomfortable, and then it got me thinking if it was even safe for baby if a car crash was to happen. So I started researching pregnancy seat belts and came across this amazing Australian company that has a Seatbelt adjust called a Tummy Shield. It is easy to use, much more comfortable, and best of all is much safer for baby and me if we were to ever get in a car crash. Highly recommend it!

Native Natural Deodorant

I have had “sweat issues” my whole life. Since puberty I have chosen certain colours and material shirts just so I wouldn’t have an embarrassingly huge sweaty armpit every day for the world to see. No matter if I’m working out, making dinner or watching TV, I seem to sweat a lot in my armpits. I tried every kind of deodorant and antiperspirant (seriously, like EVERY brand), but most would either make my sweat smell super funky, form deodorant chunks, cause an armpit skin rash, or not help reduce my sweating at all. I finally found one that stopped my excessive pit sweats, but it is a clinical deodorant that has a ton of chemicals in it. Even so, I have been using that deodorant for the last 10 years because it helps me feel good (and smell good) in the clothes I want to wear. Then I got pregnant. I found out pretty quickly that what you put on your skin is also going to go to your growing baby, and that worried me. I did some deodorant research and read that during pregnancy and especially during breast feeding that I should switch to a natural deodorant for a healthier baby. So I started the deodorant search all over again. I came across Native online and after reading so many great reviews I thought I’d give it a shot. I’m so glad I did! Not only do I not smell funky (a first for natural deodorants for me!) but my sweating also seems decently under control (and I teach hot yoga multiple times a week!) and best of all, baby is safe and happily kicking in my belly. I’m loving the Coconut Vanilla scent!

Glow Organics Belly Butter

While stretch marks are common in pregnancy, I still wanted to keep my belly as soft and nourished as possible to reduce the amount of stretch marks. The tricky part is finding a belly cream that is organic and natural, as this is safest when applying to the pregnant belly. Eventually I found a belly butter online (couldn’t find it in stores) that had incredible reviews and was full of all the good stuff (and none of the bad stuff). Glow Organics has a variety of amazing products, but I loved how pure and natural their belly butter was, while still containing the essential nutrients to reduce stretch marks. I ordered two jars of the Glow Organics Belly Butter and think this will be the perfect amount (I just started my second jar) for the duration of my entire pregnancy. I started using the butter at 12 weeks pregnant and I use a spoon to get it out (once it’s on your warm belly it melts wonderfully). I will update this at the end but so far at 25 weeks pregnant I have no stretch marks on belly or breasts (I use this on my breasts too incase they scar during their growth as well).

LUSH Body Lotion

Along with all natural, organic belly butter, it’s also important to use all natural body lotions on your skin. I use lotion every day when I get out of the shower so this was another important switch for me. The stuff I was using before wasn’t bad, (Aloe body lotion by Vaseline), but it still had lots of chemicals I’d prefer to not introduce baby to if I could avoid it. So I went to LUSH and I’m so glad I did! I have fallen in love with their Sleepy Body Lotion, full of yummy lavender and moisturizing ingredients. I will 100% continue to use this product even after baby is born, I’m converted! My favourite part is supporting a cruelty free company. 🙂

Prenatal Vitamins

I had a hard time finding prenatal vitamins that had everything I needed, didn’t make me feel nauseous, and also were vegetarian friendly. Fortunately, one of my yoga students is an amazing pharmacist and she found me the perfect vitamins to keep both mama and baby happy. I started prenatal vitamins about 4 months before we got pregnant and have continued to take them every single day while pregnant. The two prenatal vitamins I take every day since being pregnant are: Noor Vitamins Prenatal and Greeniche Omega-3. I also take Vitamin D and Iron Supplements every day to help with my lack of healthy sun exposure (Canadian problems) and my anemic tendency (had this before I was vegetarian, but I need to be extra careful of anemia while vegetarian).

Snoozer Pregnancy Pillow

Last but not least, I love my Snoozer Pregnancy Pillow. I was gifted one at Christmas and have used it lovingly every night since. I’m a side sleeper, which I thought would be no issue while pregnant, but having that extra cushion between your legs, beside/under your belly and to hug around your chest makes sleeping so much more comfortable. I also love that the curled section is great to prop you up while reading/sitting in bed! I will very likely continue to use this even after pregnancy.



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