Nothing could have prepared me for the exhaustion, body aches, drastic routine changes, and pure LOVE that your first child brings.

I am a first time Mama to my sweet baby girl, Langley May, and I could not be happier.

It’s funny because there are so many things to worry about, to complain about, to get upset about, but in the end the one thing that makes it all extremely worth it is this beautiful babe loving on me. I have never slept more poorly from multiple wake ups throughout the night, I have never had such bad posture from slouching while breastfeeding, I have never had sore nipples (ouch!), I have never thought that simple tasks like grocery shopping or going to the post office could become the hardest part of my day, and I have never felt more like my world (especially my house) has turned upside-down.

It sounds like there are way more challenges than pros to having a child, and maybe there are, but the value of the positives far out-way any amount of negatives.

When Langley lets out her sweet giggles, or even just looks at me with her gorgeous blue eyes, my heart melts. Watching Langley experience everything in this world for the VERY FIRST TIME is fascinating and reminds me to be more present. Yes the snow falling is amazing! Yes this yellow cup is a beautiful colour! Yes kisses are really wonderful and we should all kiss more! Yes music is beautiful (even when Mama is singing in her not so great voice)! Yes Christmas lights, windows, plants, chairs, zippers, glasses, dogs, tables, sweaters and fingers are so interesting to touch and watch and taste! It is wonderful to be reminded on a daily basis how amazing this world really is. And her cuddles, wow does your soul just sing when this sweet little human rests her head on you and snuggles in. I have never felt more at peace, more whole, then when she falls asleep on me. I can feel how safe and relaxed she is. I can feel how loved she is. I can feel how loved by her I am and I feel so lucky she chose me to be her Mama.

Only now do I understand just how hard being a mother is, and also how rewarding it is. Motherhood is truly the hardest thing I have ever done, but also the best thing I have ever done. I always thought moms were great, but never did I honestly understand just how hard-working, hard-loving and hard-living a mom has to be to keep her babe and herself happy and healthy. Moms are truly superheros! So the next time you see a Mama, tell her how awesome she is.


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