Online Yoga Classes

As much as I’m sure many of you are going stir-crazy being stuck at home, I am so inspired and impressed with how the majority of people are taking social-distancing and self-quarantining seriously. While we may be apart, by staying home we are working together on something so much bigger than ourselves. We have decided to sacrifice our traveling and our socializing for the greater good; to keep one another safe and healthy.

So to help us all continue to stay strong physically (and especially mentally), I’m am devoting my time to creating some online yoga classes. Please let me know what kinds of classes you would like to see and I will try my best to include your requests.

Here is a free 35 minute Hip Focused Yoga Class for you to enjoy from your home on Youtube. I also have a Power Yoga Class on my Youtube channel from 2 years ago that you can watch as well!

Something special I will also be doing is teaching a Live Streamed yoga class with Yoga Nova Studio every Tuesday at 6pm MST! While free yoga videos online are a fantastic tool to get moving, these Live Streamed yoga classes are even better because you are part of a community. You are doing something together even though you aren’t in the same room. It’s an amazing time of connection at a time of distancing. Please email me if you would like the link to these classes, they are by donation so we can keep our yoga studio running for live yoga while our doors our closed for group classes.

Happy yoga-ing friends!

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