Live Streaming Yoga Every Tuesday!

Yesterday, I taught this slow flow Live streamed through Yoga Nova Studio but unfortunately supplied the incorrect link to many of my friends so they could not join the class. I realized the error minutes before class so I recorded it on my phone to share with those who had wanted to yoga with me.

I also think it is a great preview of what our Live streamed classes with Yoga Nova Studio are like! The big difference between this recording and it being Live is that I get to talk WITH YOU, not to you, and add your requests into class (notice the name shoutouts during class, hips and shoulders were requested!). Also the camera angle is much better (you see my face instead of my knees when I’m close haha). Youtube yoga is wonderful, but Live yoga allows us to connect as a community, and I think we all really need each other at this moment.

So join me every Tuesday 6-7pm MST for my Live Slow Flow by registering for class on Yoga Nova’s Website. Note, I will not be posting anymore classes taught for Yoga Nova, this will be the only preview. You might need to create a free account, and then a link will be emailed to you before class. Looking forward to flowing with you here and Live in my weekly Slow Flow class! 🙂

Please subscribe to my YouTube channel to get notifications when I post more videos. Thank you for your connection and support!

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