Too Busy. Just Be.


We are busy. We constantly need to check off our to-do lists and then fill our plates with more plans, more goals, and more busy-ness.

What if we paused for just a moment?

Right now our world is in a state of emergency with the COVID-19 pandemic. It is overwhelming the despair I feel for those directly impacted with the loss and sickness of their loved ones. It is overwhelming the anxiety I feel for the safety of my own friends and family. It is overwhelming to see the daily news updates get worse each day.

So to deal with the sadness, the anxiety and the overwhelming feeling of constant bad news, everyone is keeping busy. Myself included. We are cleaning our houses, going on extra long walks, doing crafts, making new recipes, working from home, doing puzzles, coming up with new games for our children, doing online exercise classes, and getting to those tasks we have put aside for too long. And these are all very wonderful things to be doing!

But my question for myself, and for everyone, is: how often do we have the opportunity to do nothing? How often do we have a moment to NOT be busy?

So do all your things and be productive, but how about mixing in some days of doing nothing? Choose a day once a week to not do any chores, to not work, to NOT HAVE A PLAN. Let’s slow down. And then enjoy the company of those you are in quarantine with. Cuddle. Or enjoy the company of your own self. Meditate. If you go for a walk, don’t check your phone or talk, instead just look around at the sky, plants, houses and whats around you. Smell the roses.

Take a day to just be. Breathe.

I often offer the teachings of being present in my yoga classes. Encouraging you to send your dwellings of the past and your worries of the future outside of the room. So for just an hour you can be connected to yourself and the other students in the room. By being present we allow our nervous system to balance, which in turn keeps us less stressed and less likely to tap into our defensive fight-or-flight mode. By being present we help our body heal and achieve a more basic alkaline state, which in turn helps us fight off sickness better. By being present, we give our overwhelmed mind a much needed break so that our mental health can strengthen. By being present we become a stronger version of our self.

So I encourage you to fill your days with creativity and to get things done, I am doing that too! But I also encourage you to take this unique time to be present and to heal. To get to know yourself and your loved ones better than you have before. To be your best self.

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