One Year Born

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Dear Mama,

One year ago your baby was born, and one year ago you were reborn as a mother.

You read all the books, researched all the best products, painted the nursery, and attended all the birthing classes. You were prepared. Yet you still knew so little.

You knew you wanted a child, but you did not know how much you NEEDED this child.

You knew planning for an unmedicated birth would be painful and scary, but you did not know how much the experience would empower you.

You knew breastfeeding might be challenging for many weeks, but you did not know how special the bond between you and your baby would be once you found your groove.

You knew sleepless nights would be exhausting, but you did not know how worth it they would be for their baby cuddles and happy noises.

You knew learning how to be a mom would be hard, and might not feel natural, but you did not know how much you were truly capable of.

You were scared to lose who you once were. But now you know having a child doesn’t lose your past, instead you gained a whole new piece of you.

There was so much I did not know one year ago, and so much I still don’t know, but I’m so glad to be on this journey with you Langley. Happy birth day to the both of us.

Happy birth day to all the mamas.

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