Mama or Yogi?

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed a few weeks ago that I changed my Instagram handle. After 7 years of being @NictheHappyYogi, I edited my name to @NictheHappyMama. I did this to be more honest, vulnerable and open to who I am now. The person who created NictheHappyYogi 7 years ago was very different from the person I am now, and I did not feel I could be true to myself anymore with this name.

When I first started Instagram I was just beginning my yoga journey at a studio, and wanted to learn even more from home. I saw these “Instagram Yoga Challenges” that welcomed beginners to try new things and learn new techniques, and instantly fell in love after my first challenge. For three years straight I did a different yoga challenge every month, and with these challenges I not only saw my strength and flexibilities improve dramatically, I also realized my love for my self had dramatically improved. I was healthier, stronger and happier than I ever had been thanks to yoga.

This yoga account not only helped me heal and learn, it also created opportunity for me. Once I became a certified yoga teacher I also began traveling more. When I moved to Melbourne, Australia and Halifax, Nova Scotia, my NictheHappyYogi account helped me connect with local studios and teach yoga with them. This account also inspired my website and my YouTube channel, which have further enabled me to connect with people around the world.

I am so grateful for all the amazing people, opportunities and growth NictheHappyYogi has gifted me throughout the years, but I needed a change. And I needed to not fear the change. It’s not only ok to change, it is 100% natural and good for you to experience change. Change challenges us, heals us and helps us learn what we are capable of. My daughter, Langley May, was my change. She shifted my lifestyle, my perspective and my heart. I no longer practiced yoga everyday, I no longer wanted to practice the extremely challenging poses I used to crave, and I no longer found the same passion for the physical practice I once had. Instead, I found myself wanting to spend every possible moment soaking in baby giggles and cuddles, I found myself craving long walks with our stroller and puppy as my favourite way to move my body, and I found the deepest love I have ever experienced for my child. I found a new way to practice my yoga: through love and acute awareness of the present moment.

With these changes came a new title, a title I am beyond proud of: MAMA. I wanted to share with the world how proud I am to be a Mama, how hard it is to be a mama, how rewarding it is to be a Mama. And my yoga account just did not feel like the appropriate place to do so. So instead of making a new account (because that didn’t feel true to me either), I needed to change my title. And wow has it felt good ever since! Sure I may have lost some followers, but I have also gained another wonderful community of like-minded Mamas!

The next question I have been pondering since the change of my account handle is my website url. But after many weeks I have finally decided to keep my website as The reason is, this website is still a fantastic tool for sharing the yoga classes I continue to teach, the recorded classes I continue to post, the nourishing recipes that can support a healthy lifestyle, and my blog posts which ultimately come back to being true to yourself. These all feel like yogic resources to me, and I hope you feel that way too.

Thank you for being on this journey with me, I appreciate all the love and support!

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