Padsicle Recipe

If you’ve ever given birth vaginally, you know how amazing padsicles are. The nurses gave them to me at the hospital and I asked for a new one every chance I could! Then I tried making some at home…well they just weren’t that good. I completely soaked maxi pads in water and froze them in a ziploc bag, not realizing that 1) you shouldn’t soak them because if there’s too much water they are hard and uncomfortable (the opposite of what you want), 2) if you use more than water they’re way better for healing, and 3) that if you don’t lay them flat to freeze before putting them in a ziplock they will warp in shape and again are uncomfortable. So now that I am on baby #2, I have learned a few things from other mamas and my own experiences and want to share. Here is the best padsicle recipe I have found so you are better prepared then I was for round one!

**Disclaimer: I have not had my second baby yet so I am not 100% certain that these are going to be as amazing as I think they will be. They do smell nice! I will return to review them once baby is here.

Padsicle Recipe:

(For 14 padsicles, which is how many was in my maternity pad package)

First, mix the following in a spray bottle: 

2 tbsp water

5 tbsp Witch Hazel (lavender+alcohol free)

1 full tincture dropper Calendula

Also have on hand: Aloe Vera Gel


Spray entire pad until completely covered with spray bottle mixture (but not soaked). Spread aloe Vera gel over entire pad. Lay flat on a cookie baking sheet in the freezer until frozen (about an hour) and then transfer to a large ziplock bag until baby arrives! These ingredients have natural anti-inflammatory and healing properties to help with postpartum swelling and tearing. These pads will feel very cooling to help with swelling and healing.

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