Too Busy. Just Be.


We are busy. We constantly need to check off our to-do lists and then fill our plates with more plans, more goals, and more busy-ness.

What if we paused for just a moment?

Right now our world is in a state of emergency with the COVID-19 pandemic. It is overwhelming the despair I feel for those directly impacted with the loss and sickness of their loved ones. It is overwhelming the anxiety I feel for the safety of my own friends and family. It is overwhelming to see the daily news updates get worse each day.

So to deal with the sadness, the anxiety and the overwhelming feeling of constant bad news, everyone is keeping busy. Myself included. We are cleaning our houses, going on extra long walks, doing crafts, making new recipes, working from home, doing puzzles, coming up with new games for our children, doing online exercise classes, and getting to those tasks we have put aside for too long. And these are all very wonderful things to be doing!

But my question for myself, and for everyone, is: how often do we have the opportunity to do nothing? How often do we have a moment to NOT be busy?

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Online Yoga Classes

As much as I’m sure many of you are going stir-crazy being stuck at home, I am so inspired and impressed with how the majority of people are taking social-distancing and self-quarantining seriously. While we may be apart, by staying home we are working together on something so much bigger than ourselves. We have decided to sacrifice our traveling and our socializing for the greater good; to keep one another safe and healthy.

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Thoughts from a People Pleaser


I am a people pleaser. I have been people pleasing my entire life. So much so that I used to deprive myself of my own happiness at the cost of making others happy. I used to beat myself up over conversations, over analyzing my choices and their responses, and wondering how I could have been better so they would like me more. I used to stay awake for HOURS replaying interactions with others and how I could have made the situation better.

It wasn’t healthy.

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Langley’s Birth Story



We are so excited to announce that our little babe has arrived!! We welcomed a baby girl into this world Saturday, May 18th, 3:05am weighing 6lbs 1oz. Since we didn’t know if we were having a boy or girl, we had a few names ready, but when we finally met her face to face we knew she was a Langley May Kurceba. If you’re interested in what happens when you have a baby, here is Langley’s birth story.

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It Takes a Village


“It takes a village to raise a child.”

…how about it also takes a village to support a woman growing a child?


I have been fortunate to receive so much support and education since publicly announcing my deteriorating mental health in first trimester. I now realize that had I sought help earlier, I likely would have felt much more “normal” about what I was going through and a lot less guilty/feeling down about my symptoms and emotions. Here are the people and activities that allowed me to truly enjoy the remainder of my pregnancy and helped inspire confidence and empowerment forย my body and birth.

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Pregnancy: Second Trimester


Medically, your first trimester of pregnancy is weeks 1-12, and second trimester is weeks 13-28, but I consider my second trimester starting at 20 weeks due to my experiences in First Trimester. I continued to feel the extreme fatigue, hormonal hardship, and a month of depression due to the overwhelming lack of control I had over my body, mind and energy. But suddenly around 20 weeks pregnant I felt a huge shift. Suddenly I felt like I had more energy to enjoy the things I love doing (like exercise and socializing), I started to crave healthier food choices such as vegetables and fruit (instead of just bread and cheese, which is great occasionally but not for every meal every day!), and I started to feel like more my happy self again. Continue reading

My Favourite Pregnancy Products


Since being pregnant for the first time, I have either switched many of my every day products to more natural alternatives or added products to aid in supporting my changing body. I did a ton of research on each product before purchasing, so I hope this helps others save some of that research time and helps your body too! Some of these products I’ll even continue to use after pregnancy because they’re healthy and make me feel so good. None of these are sponsored reviews, all are just things I love! Continue reading