Fail often.


Some people have the crazy assumption that I have a perfect life. I do have an amazing life, one full of happiness, opportunities, privilege, support groups and lots of love, but many of this doesn’t come easy. I have had my fair share of failures. But I try to take each mistake as a learning opportunity and focus on the positives. What I share on social media tends to be 99% positive (which I have been ridiculed for), but not because I’m lying and hiding a terrible life behind a facade of smiles and filters, but because that is how I choose to shape my life: shitty things happen, I fail often, but I decide to turn 99% of all experiences into positive ones, and share positivity with the world.

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Cashew-Mac Recipe


This delicious Vegan “Mac and Cheese” I have nicknamed “Cashew-Mac” because, lets be honest, it’s not going to taste exactly like dairy mac and cheese. My husband (who LOVES cheese) really supports eating vegan but has a phycological issue with any vegan cheese because since it is called “cheese” he expects it to taste exactly like cheese. Well people, vegan cheese does not taste like dairy cheese BUT is it still HELLA DELICIOUS! So we decided to nickname it Cashew-Mac so the expectation is eliminated and the dish can be enjoyed just as it is. And guess what?? It was cheese-lovin’-husband approved! So I guarantee non-vegans will also enjoy it, and love that they’re getting their vegetables hidden in something so yummy! ๐Ÿ™‚

PS. Without baking this will take only about 35 minutes to make! With baking it takes about an hour.

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