The Journey

I am an adventure seeker, heart-on-my-sleeve wearer, student of yoga, world traveler, laughter advocate, dream chaser, fruit addict and compassion preacher.

Originally a Vancouverite, I now reside in Calgary, moving here with the love of my life on the best adventure yet. Yoga came to me while I was training to play professional beach volleyball when my beach partner suggested we do hot yoga for cross-training. My first impression of yoga was very humbling, so humbling that I didn’t enjoy the experience at all. I walked into a humid, extremely sweaty, hot room expecting to be good at yoga since I thought myself to be so strong and athletic. I soon realized I could do none of the postures properly and I was always one step behind the Baptiste sequence. How were all these people who I believed I was fitter than doing all these amazing arm balances and headstands? I was frustrated when I left, comparing myself to everyone else in the room. I continued to practice once a week, determined to ‘win’ the competition of being the ‘best yogi’ in the room. Unfortunately this hugely competitive ego of mine got in the way of my enjoyment of yoga and my understanding of what yoga is truly about. After a few weeks I stopped practicing and did not try yoga again for almost a year. This time, November of 2013, I tried yoga when I was living in Alabama while supporting my boyfriend’s pursuits. I wanted to find something that was my own passion so I went to a local yoga studio, and from the first class was in love. The environment of this studio had an amazing community and no competitive environment. The teachers wanted to actually get to know me and watch my practice grow. It was such a wonderful feeling to walk into this studio and from the first class I was a daily visiter, I was welcomed as part of the family. I quickly learned that yoga is much more than just the physical asana practice, that there is a whole other side of meditation, breath, spirituality, and finding true self. As soon as my eyes opened to this journey of endless growth, I was so excited for a life full of learning! The idea that this ancient practice of love, healing and life has so much to offer that it cannot be learned in just one lifetime is such an exhilarating thought, it’s a life of endless adventure!

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