Pregnancy can be weird.


I wanted to take a moment to recognize and discuss the weird things about pregnancy. Like the things that no one really publicly talks about and has you Google-ing and asking your doctor if these things are “normal”. Often the Google-ing resulted in me being scared into thinking I was having a miscarriage or some rare disease so I wanted to share some of my personal experiences incase you are going through the same. Keep in mind that I am NOT a doctor, and any concerns you have should be talked about with your’s, but hopefully some of my experiences can give you a little peace of mind.

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Pregnancy: First Trimester


We’re Pregnant!

It’s been fun sharing the news the last few weeks with friends and family, but I thought what better topic to announce and discuss on my blog. As most of you know from my past blog posts, my battles with fibroids, periods, fibroid surgery, and then a miscarriage have been a lot to handle. I had started to dislike as well as doubt menstrual cycle and reproductive anatomy. My uterus had given me so much pain and loss over the course of two years that I just didn’t know if I wanted to be friends with my woman parts ever again. I hated my period, I hated my uterus, I hated my fibroids, and I hated that my body rejected a pregnancy.

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Bloom…don’t force.


We all desire relationships, jobs, goals, and changes in our lives, but sometimes we have to ask if these desires are what we actually need. Our imagination has a beautiful ability to make a future plan seem like the most incredible option, but maybe it isn’t the only option? Maybe if we stop focusing on the one thing we want, we’ll see that there are 10 different (just as amazing) paths we can more easily walk down.

I find that when I put a certain goal on a pedestal, I put up blinders to all other wonderful opportunities. And the goal on the pedestal is often so hard to reach, so challenging to climb to, and so resistant to offering me a hand, that I start to wonder, is this what I really want? Do we need to doubt ourselves, feel immense disappointment and frustration, and work unhappily for years for something that may in the end not even bring us the happiness we thought it would? For me there have been many noticeable moments Continue reading

Fibroids. Pt 2.

Continuation of Fibroids. Pt 1.

It’s now December 2016; I have completed my first 3 months of my Fibristal medication and I am finally meeting with my Calgary gynaecologist. First of all, I’m feeling amazing after being on my supplements without a period for 3 months. Second, I’m nervous because I won’t know if the medication is actually working until I get another ultrasound and blood test. I make appointments for those two tests prior to my gyno appointment so we can review my progress. Good news! My iron stores have rose by 13, but I am still below 100 and have a long way to go. My fibroids have shrunk from 5cm to 2.5cm, and 2.5cm to 2cm, so again good news! The gyno then asks of my future birthing plans and I explain that my husband and I would like to start trying for kiddos soon. The gyno then explained:

“Your uterus is like this room. There are the walls, a floor and a ceiling. A fertilized egg will float down and land anywhere on one of the walls/floor/ceiling of your uterus. If it lands on a wall with no fibroid, you will have a healthy birth with all the regular risks. If it lands on a fibroid, you will have a miscarriage in the first trimester because the egg will not receive enough blood/nourishment through the fibroid. Even your reduced fibroids are still a big risk for a miscarriage and if I were you, I would proactively remove them in surgery before you start trying to conceive. Many women will have miscarriages due to fibroids and years later find out the cause, after already so much heartbreak. It is wonderful that you are in your situation pro-actively preparing for a healthy pregnancy.”

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Fibroids. Pt 1.

What are they? How do you get them? What do they do? Are they bad? How do you get rid of them?

I had so many questions when I first was diagnosed with fibroids. It was a lucky accident that I did find out in the first place; January 2016 I was in emergency at a Halifax Hospital with severe abdominal pain caused by my recent IUD implant. My body was rejecting the implant and ejecting it, which I can tell you is extremely painful. The doctor did an ultrasound to check its placement and not only found it almost entirely pushed out but also found fibroids. He told me, “you had fibroids which is why your IUD likely didn’t fit properly in the first place. I’m going to book you another ultrasound appointment to make sure also request a gynaecologist appointment to review them.” And that was that, I had fibroids and I had not a clue what they were.

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