What to Pack in My Hospital Bag

I can’t believe we’re 38 weeks pregnant! And that I saved packing my hospital bag until now! For my first birth I was over-prepared for everything, including packing my hospital bag 6 weeks before my first born was due. Instead of 2 weeks before this baby is due! And my first was born one week early, so I highly recommend packing your bag a little earlier. 🙂 I decided to post this list because last time I also packed waaayyyy too many things that I did not need. For example, I thought I would enjoy playing cards and board games with my husband between contractions. I definitely did not open a single board game at the hospital hahaha So learn from my mistakes and enjoy the list below:

-First (and I think most importantly) are “The Lists”. I pack these on the very top of my hospital bag. I wrote two lists, one is a list of things for my husband to pack when I go into labour that I can’t pack now (like phone chargers, fresh fruit, makeup bag, hairbrush, car seat, my wallet and healthcard) and the second list has all the people for my husband to text when I go into labour and when we’re ready to share the news of our new arrival. I loved these lists last time because in the craziness of the moment I would have definitely forgot some things/people to share the news with. 

Snacks cause I get Hangry 🤣

Nipple cream that’s safe for baby to digest. The first week or two is when your nipples are most sensitive so if you end up staying at the hospital for awhile after your birth (I was there 40 hours after Langley’s birth due to our complications), it’s nice to have while you two are finding your breastfeeding groove.

Footprint stamps because we love that we have Langley’s footprint from the first hour she was born. Ask the nurse to help you with this, they know how to handle newborn limbs. 

Portable speaker to play my birth playlist. Here’s mine if you want inspiration, or just use it yourself! 🥰https://open.spotify.com/playlist/5zrCZhuBsVpfIeOecKoXpX?si=A0X84UPFTEiM0xXaptADjg

Loose pants, nursing bra, comfy shirt and socks. Pack for comfort and definitely roomy around your bum and vagina. Don’t worry about underwear, you’ll get hospital mesh panties at the hospital and they’re the best! Grab as many as you can! 

Scrunchies and hair ties for birth. Also have your partner practice putting your hair up as it likely will get in your face during labour and you’ll be unable to fix it without their help.

Baby book to work on after the birth in your downtime. I love writing down our first moments while they’re fresh in my mind.

Toiletries (just a lot of mini ones I’ve gathered from random hotels haha but you can get mini ones at the drug store too).

Washable slippers to wear around the hospital and flip flops incase you want to shower (during or after labour, I did both).

Robe with matching swaddle for baby (I packed these last time too and did not use them because I stayed in the hospital gown and Langley stayed in the hospital swaddle the entire time). Who knows if I’ll use it this time but wanted to bring again just incase.

Baby’s first outfit! I picked a soft onesie that has foot covers, built in hand covers (because newborn nails are sharp and they accidentally scratch their adorable faces) and a matching hat. That way there’s less pieces and you know baby is cozy.

-And, because we’re still in the covid-19 pandemic, I added a couple comfortable masks. I know the hospital will provide these as well, but I think it’s good to be prepared.

***The hospital will have pre-made padsicles ready for women in the recovery rooms. Ask your nurse every chance you get for a new padsicle! They’re amazing! And have some ready-made at home for when you are discharged. I will post a padsicle recipe soon. Again, like this hospital bag, I have saved making padsicles until last minute. 🙂

And here are a few things that your partner could pack in addition to their own personal items:

-Your partner’s bathing suit incase during labour you feel like a shower would help relieve the intensity. Your husband is welcome to go in the shower with you in the delivery room (in Canada most delivery rooms will have a large shower you can use). You will be naked, but the nurses and doctors expect your partner to remain clothed. They can hold you, press on your sacrum, squeeze your hand in the shower. My husband did this for me during my last birth and it really helped.

Pillow for sleeping. When the birth is over (or if labour is taking a long time) your husband will be gifted a chair but that’s about it. You will be in a hospital bed with pillows provided so you can sleep, but if your partner needs a pillow to get some rest himself, then he should bring a pillow (and maybe a blanket) that he likes.

-Husband’s phone charger, snacks, toiletries, comfy pajamas/clothes, driver’s license (to drive everyone home and to show for the birth certificate paperwork).

Wishing all everyone lots of love and health in their birth! Enjoy your exciting new adventure with your adorable little one. xoxox

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